That's a wrap! Enter Post-Production...

Team Rift is happy to announce the completion of principal photography as of January 6th. Many thanks to our delightful cast & crew, from whom we have learned so much.


Our IMDB page is up now, too. Check it out!

The Rift is now in post-production. More details to come soon -- stay tuned here and at our social media accounts!

The Rift Welcomes Make-Up Artist Elizabeth Bursick!

Tonight we are thrilled to announce another addition to The Rift Team.

Make-Up & FX Artist Elizabeth Bursick grew up in Pittsburgh, PA where she developed her love of practical effects, makeup, and of course zombie movies. She is a graduate of the Master Make-Up Artistry program at Make-Up Designory LA and resident of Southern California. Her beauty makeup styles range from clean, natural looks to event makeup to high fashion concepts, while her FX experience includes injury, old age, hair laying, lifecasting, sculpting, molding, and prosthetic application. Elizabeth has worked on such feature films as U.Z.L.A and several short films such as, My Center Will Not Hold, and Cul de Sac. She is also a co-founder of Villainess Creations, a custom prop and costume fabrication company.

Elizabeth wowed us with her mad makeup skills, and will be taking care of all our makeup for the film -- including our grisly FX needs. We can't wait to see it!

The Rift welcomes actor Sean C Dwyer!

THE RIFT welcomes Sean Dwyer to the team! Sean will be portraying our mysterious and frightening Apparition, which relentlessly pursues Will and Leah in the film.

Sean has extensive experience in film and theatre and appeared in films such as Mural in the Mountains (2012) and Simply Compliqueì (2011) and wrote, directed, and produced La farfadette montréalaise vient du Brésil (2009) and Rolling Night Attack (2010). His recent theatre productions include Happily Whatever After (2014)and Due North (2014). Sean majored in Film Studies at Brock University and Western Washington University graduating with honors and studied Cinematic and Televisual Production at Institut Grasset. A native of Toronto, Ontario, Sean speaks French, Spanish and Japanese.

We’re very excited to have Sean with us, to bring our monstrous supernatural entity to “life”… er… undeath? His screen presence, physicality, and experience with both screen and theatrical performance made him the perfect choice to terrify us as the Apparition.

We can't wait to show you how Sean's performance interacts with all our effects to produce some truly scary scenes.

Rane Jameson takes the lead in THE RIFT

Today we are very pleased to welcome actor Rane Jameson to the team. Rane will be playing the lead role of 'Will' in The Rift!

Rane Jameson has recently appeared on television in NCIS, Glee, Suburgatory and many other shows over the years, such as CSI: New York, Young and the Restless, Mind of Mencia. His independent film work includes Frat House Masacre, The People I slept With, and Speak Now which was awarded the 2013 Austin Film Festival "Write/Record Audience Award" for Best Film. He holds a background in production from the Pennsylvania State University, and is in collaboration on several other short films and projects for 2015.

Casting the lead role of WILL for "The Rift"

Tonight's update comes at you straight from the heart of Hollywood, California, where Jess and Danielle spent the day auditioning actors -- correction: incredible actors -- for the role of Will.

It's an exciting milestone on our journey toward the completed film. None of this, however, would be possible without the support and generosity of all our backers.

There's more news to come soon -- but in the meantime, we only have a few days left on Kickstarter! It's a better time than ever to become a backer, as we're close to another stretch goal that will unlock more rewards for all backers. We hope you'll support us to help take this film to the next level.

Right now, we have our work set out for us. The actors we met with today all, to a man, did such an amazing job. We're grateful to all who came to audition. Now it's time to buckle down and make some tough choices. It's time to find our Will!

Thanks again to all our supporters. Let's make a great movie!

~The Rift Team.

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Six Days Left! New Stretch Goals and Rewards Update

We hit our new stretch goal! But we still have 6 days left, so let’s make this movie all it can be. If we can hit $5,500, we will send every backer a custom-made Rift keychain.

But that’s not all. If we go all the way to $6,000, we will send our backers -- every single one of them -- a special limited edition tee shirt. Nobody but our filmmaking team and Kickstarter backers get these puppies! (Women's tees available also.)

Remember, the more we raise, the better the movie will be. We have wish lists for so many things that will improve our production value and contribute to an improved film: from equipment, special effects, and props, all the way down to just having an extra pair of hands on set.

Now we have a chance to really knock this one out of the ballpark. And we want you along for the ride.

Thank you again, so much, from the bottom of our hearts.

Let’s make a great movie!

Seven Days Left for THE RIFT Kickstarter!

Just 7 days to go! With about a week left, we've still got a chance to amp up our monster, effects, and the entire film.

So we have a special message for you from our filmmakers.

Thanks so much for the support we've received so far. The more people who back us, the more awesomeness we can put up on screen for you -- and that includes the film itself plus our stretch goal special featurettes! (We really want to show you the monster creation process and hang out with you in the Q&A.)

Let's take this film to the next level and make a great movie together!

Stan Lee's Comikaze & Halloween Weekend

ONLY 10 DAYS LEFT! Wow, we're nearing the end of the line.

Hi folks, we hope you had a fantastic Halloween. We spent our ‪#‎Halloween‬ weekend prepping for production, but we also made some time to attend Stan Lee's ‪#‎Comikaze‬ Expo, where we met up with some other members of The Rift team

We had a great time, saw a fun, creepy movie (The Murders of Brandywine Theater -- the director Larry Longstreth is standing there on the far left (next to Danielle), and met a lot of great folks who love to geek out over stuff as much as we do.

Our DP Scott Baker looked especially sharp in his United Galactic Service uniform from 5th Passenger. (

We're close to reaching our stretch goal! As of now, we're only $655 away from where we need to be. To everyone that's supported us and helped get the word out, THANK YOU! We're not done yet, though. If you haven't supported us yet, check out our site, our rewards -- including the new stretch rewards -- and consider becoming part of our team by backing us. Our journey is just beginning, and the most exciting times are still ahead.

Let's make a great movie!

~Jess & Alyssa