Kickstarter: Day 6 Stretch!

Hi everyone, it’s been just six days since The Rift went up on Kickstarter and we’re moving full steam ahead! But we are not going to stop working to make this film the best it can be, and that’s why we have some new stretch goal info. So here it is:

Our stretch goal is $4,000 – and we’re already nearly there! 

Concept art by Sarah Schowengerdt

What can we do with the “extra” money? ONE THING we can and will do is give you an improved film. We want to ramp up our practical monster effects, go beyond the “bare bones” for our production design, and find some funding to pay our team members something a little bit closer to what they're actually worth. They're working at drastically reduced rates, because they believe in the project… and the movie is just going to be that good.

What else would achieving our stretch goal accomplish? It gives us a chance to share more of the whole experience with you. We want you along for the ride. Starting our $10 reward level, you’ll get access to a password-protected section of our website where you can read our Production Diary and see behind-the-scenes videos and other exclusive tidbits. From $25 up, you get a copy of the finished film shortly after our world premiere… but you can get cool stuff for even $1. This is low budget filmmaking; every dollar truly counts!

As I write this, we’re only $350 short of reaching this stretch goal. So close! Please consider helping us get there, by backing us at any level or simply sharing our link.

Let’s make a great movie together!

~Jess K. & Alyssa G.