Going the Distance: New Rewards & Stretch Info

Hi everyone. Today we have new rewards that ALL backers will get -- if we can hit our new stretch goal. I'm so grateful to everyone who's backed us so far. You are truly making this film possible. Since we're not even halfway through the campaign, though, we can still bring this film to a whole new level. Let's get to the details.

Our new stretch goal is $5,000. If we get enough support to reach this new milestone, here's what every backer -- and only our backers -- will receive:

1) Backer Screening with Q&A. After our world premiere and all backer DVDs/blu-rays are sent out, we will hold a live online screening of the film via YouTube, where you can chat with the filmmakers during the movie. Immediately following this screening, we will hold a Q&A at Google Hangouts where you will have a chance to see the filmmakers (and available cast members) and ask your questions about The Rift, our experiences making it, or filmmaking and screenwriting in general.

2) Monster Featurette. We will create a special featurette about creating "the monster" and its special effects in our film, which will be included on our DVD/blu-ray -- and, for any backers who did not choose a reward with the disc, we will make it available online or as a digital download.

By reaching this stretch goal, we can enhance our monster effects, secure some additional camera/grip equipment that will enhance the look of our production, and find a smidgen more remuneration for our hardworking cast & crew. Remember, we're actually creating a few jobs here, and are doing everything we can to eke out a living in this business.

Remember, the more we are able to raise, the more awesomeness we can put on the screen.

Now is the best time yet to become a new backer! Please take a look at all the rewards available, and help us reach this goal by backing us or simply sharing our link. And once again, thank you.

Let's make a great movie!

~Jess K. & Alyssa G.