The Rift welcomes actor Sean C Dwyer!

THE RIFT welcomes Sean Dwyer to the team! Sean will be portraying our mysterious and frightening Apparition, which relentlessly pursues Will and Leah in the film.

Sean has extensive experience in film and theatre and appeared in films such as Mural in the Mountains (2012) and Simply Compliqueì (2011) and wrote, directed, and produced La farfadette montréalaise vient du Brésil (2009) and Rolling Night Attack (2010). His recent theatre productions include Happily Whatever After (2014)and Due North (2014). Sean majored in Film Studies at Brock University and Western Washington University graduating with honors and studied Cinematic and Televisual Production at Institut Grasset. A native of Toronto, Ontario, Sean speaks French, Spanish and Japanese.

We’re very excited to have Sean with us, to bring our monstrous supernatural entity to “life”… er… undeath? His screen presence, physicality, and experience with both screen and theatrical performance made him the perfect choice to terrify us as the Apparition.

We can't wait to show you how Sean's performance interacts with all our effects to produce some truly scary scenes.