Six Days Left! New Stretch Goals and Rewards Update

We hit our new stretch goal! But we still have 6 days left, so let’s make this movie all it can be. If we can hit $5,500, we will send every backer a custom-made Rift keychain.

But that’s not all. If we go all the way to $6,000, we will send our backers -- every single one of them -- a special limited edition tee shirt. Nobody but our filmmaking team and Kickstarter backers get these puppies! (Women's tees available also.)

Remember, the more we raise, the better the movie will be. We have wish lists for so many things that will improve our production value and contribute to an improved film: from equipment, special effects, and props, all the way down to just having an extra pair of hands on set.

Now we have a chance to really knock this one out of the ballpark. And we want you along for the ride.

Thank you again, so much, from the bottom of our hearts.

Let’s make a great movie!