It all starts with an idea...


Alyssa and I have always been fascinated by the supernatural, and love a good scare at the movies. The best horror movies and thrillers, though, have more than just a big monster or evil psychopath. They have a great story with characters you can relate to. We wanted to make a movie that has all the scares, thrills, tension, and mystery of a good ghost story, and ground it emotionally in a very real situation we can all relate to. We wanted to share a story about love and trying to hold on to it, about how elusive love can be… and with a terrifying, otherworldly being that makes simple poltergeists and ghosts look like kittens by comparison. 

THE RIFT is inspired in part by an eerie dream I had, that we developed into a full-blown ghost story. We worked on the script constantly for over six months. During that time we got great feedback from some friends, including award-winning producer and screenwriter James Egan, that allowed us to make the story into something we believe you’ll find at once touching and terrifying.

We're happy we've gotten so much support from friends, family, and various supernatural enthusiasts. Thanks for reading our updates -- more are on the way quite soon!