Going the Distance: New Rewards & Stretch Info

Hi everyone. Today we have new rewards that ALL backers will get -- if we can hit our new stretch goal. I'm so grateful to everyone who's backed us so far. You are truly making this film possible. Since we're not even halfway through the campaign, though, we can still bring this film to a whole new level. Let's get to the details.

Our new stretch goal is $5,000. If we get enough support to reach this new milestone, here's what every backer -- and only our backers -- will receive:

1) Backer Screening with Q&A. After our world premiere and all backer DVDs/blu-rays are sent out, we will hold a live online screening of the film via YouTube, where you can chat with the filmmakers during the movie. Immediately following this screening, we will hold a Q&A at Google Hangouts where you will have a chance to see the filmmakers (and available cast members) and ask your questions about The Rift, our experiences making it, or filmmaking and screenwriting in general.

2) Monster Featurette. We will create a special featurette about creating "the monster" and its special effects in our film, which will be included on our DVD/blu-ray -- and, for any backers who did not choose a reward with the disc, we will make it available online or as a digital download.

By reaching this stretch goal, we can enhance our monster effects, secure some additional camera/grip equipment that will enhance the look of our production, and find a smidgen more remuneration for our hardworking cast & crew. Remember, we're actually creating a few jobs here, and are doing everything we can to eke out a living in this business.

Remember, the more we are able to raise, the more awesomeness we can put on the screen.

Now is the best time yet to become a new backer! Please take a look at all the rewards available, and help us reach this goal by backing us or simply sharing our link. And once again, thank you.

Let's make a great movie!

~Jess K. & Alyssa G.

Kickstarter: Day 6 Stretch!

Hi everyone, it’s been just six days since The Rift went up on Kickstarter and we’re moving full steam ahead! But we are not going to stop working to make this film the best it can be, and that’s why we have some new stretch goal info. So here it is:

Our stretch goal is $4,000 – and we’re already nearly there! 

Concept art by Sarah Schowengerdt

What can we do with the “extra” money? ONE THING we can and will do is give you an improved film. We want to ramp up our practical monster effects, go beyond the “bare bones” for our production design, and find some funding to pay our team members something a little bit closer to what they're actually worth. They're working at drastically reduced rates, because they believe in the project… and the movie is just going to be that good.

What else would achieving our stretch goal accomplish? It gives us a chance to share more of the whole experience with you. We want you along for the ride. Starting our $10 reward level, you’ll get access to a password-protected section of our website where you can read our Production Diary and see behind-the-scenes videos and other exclusive tidbits. From $25 up, you get a copy of the finished film shortly after our world premiere… but you can get cool stuff for even $1. This is low budget filmmaking; every dollar truly counts!

As I write this, we’re only $350 short of reaching this stretch goal. So close! Please consider helping us get there, by backing us at any level or simply sharing our link.

Let’s make a great movie together!

~Jess K. & Alyssa G.

Kickstarter Update: What a day for THE RIFT!

Within the first couple of hours, we were 107% funded. The speed with which we were able to reach our initial goal was such a welcome surprise! I am so grateful and truly humbled by the generosity of our backers. Now we have the minimum amount we need to make our film happen!

But we're not the types to rest on our laurels -- there's still a whole month of the campaign ahead. We've made our minimum goal, but there are still plenty of rewards left for potential backers to pick up. We will be posting some stretch goal information soon, so stay tuned. In the meantime, check out our rewards and back us to become a part of the entire experience of making The RiftRemember, this is a labor of love and the more money we raise, the more awesomeness we can put up on screen.

Right now, everyone on the team is either volunteering their time or making room in their schedules to help make The Rift for a deeply discounted rate -- because they love our script and believe in the power of the story, just as I do. These are professionals who earn their living making films. And since this is a low-budget film, each of us is already working in multiple capacities. By backing us now, you can enable us to begin compensating our team more appropriately for their tremendous commitment of time and energy. Not only that, but the more we raise, the more we can spend on making our monster, the spectral villain that invades Leah & Will's home, look as ominous and terrifying as possible.

We also want to include you in the whole process of making this film. Making a film is an intense undertaking, but it's also very exciting! We have rewards starting at $1; check them out.

More details to come very soon on our stretch goals and what they will enable us to do!

Thanks to all who have supported and spread the word about our Kickstarter campaign. Let’s make a great movie together!

~Jess K. & Alyssa G.

Kickstarter URL:

The Rift casts Danielle Lozeau as "Leah"!

THE RIFT welcomes actress Danielle Lozeau as our leading lady! Danielle’s extensive filmography includes roles in movies such as Legion, Misogynist, The Eye, Black Water Vampire, and television shows such as Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles. She also stars in the new horror/comedy The Murders of Brandywine Theater.

We’re delighted that Danielle has joined our cast. Her impressive emotionalrange and experience in the horror/thriller genres make her perfect for the role of Leah.


We are running a small Kickstarter Campaign to raise funds for THE RIFT. Check out the Kickstarter Launch Event on Facebook here.

Date: October 13th, 2014 at 10:00am.

Rewards include: Props, VIP invites, posters, movie creds and more!!

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We really appreciate you helping/sharing The Rift. #SupportIndieFilm #SeeTheRift #TheRift

Crew Announcement October 2014

New SB bw.png

Sarah Beagle joins The Rift Team as First Assistant Director. After graduating from Montana State University – Bozeman with a Bachelor of Arts in Film and Photography (Highest Honors btw), Sarah headed out to LA to pursue her career in Assistant Directing. She brings an intense level of focus, positive energy, and an extensive knowledge of set production to any and all projects.

Sarah has worked as a Producer, Stage Manager, Production Assistant and Production Designer. She has experience with short films, reality TV, commercials, and independent features such as “Dust of War” by Caseopia Pictures. Currently, she is working on the reality television show THE BACHELOR and works as a freelance assistant director.

Artist Jen LaVita studied Graphic Design at Syracuse University before serving as an Officer in the Army. After four years of adventure, living in Utah & Oklahoma, and jumping out of lots of “perfectly good airplanes,” Jen followed her dreams to California. Now a freelance designer and painter, Jen enjoys the sun and beauty of southern California. She also started Jaylalas, an Etsy shop of hand-painted items inspired by the ocean, and blogs about her new LA life as an artist.

'Whales' by Jen LaVita

'Whales' by Jen LaVita

Concept Artist Sarah Schowengerdt is an aspiring illustrator and freelancer, passionate about any medium that combines her love of story and craft. She studied Performing Arts and Graphic Design at McPherson College, where she was an active paricipant in theatre productions as an actress and designer. She hopes to pursue more education and opportunities in the area of concept art for film and animation.

 Illustrations by  Sarah Schowengerdt  for novel  Prairie Courage by Alice B. Martin.  

 Illustrations by Sarah Schowengerdt for novel Prairie Courage by Alice B. Martin. 

Crew Announcement: September 2014

THE RIFT welcomes Scott Baker as our Director of Photography! Scott is an award-winning horror filmmaker that has written and directed over a dozen short films, including Rationed and The Diary of Anne Frank of the Dead. His films have shown in festivals all over the United States and at Cannes. Be sure to check out the trailer for his newest film, the sci-fi thriller feature: 5th Passenger 

We're thrilled to add Scott to our team. His extraordinary visual talent and familiarity with the genre will help us make The Rift both the scariest and most touching short film of 2015.

THE RIFT welcomes Alyssa Ulrich as our Unit Production Manager. Alyssa has worked on numerous Commercial, Film, Reality TV, Music Videos, Web and Scripted projects. Her passion for media production and exceptional organizational skills make her a joy to work with, and we are thrilled that she's part of our team.

Check out her credits at -- and #SeeTheRift!