Production Diary Blog - (Peer into The Rift!)

Editing, Score, and Weddings

Hey there, Rifters.

As you'll have noticed, we haven't posted an update for a while. The post-production process is longer than we'd prefer, of course, but we did want to assure you that editing is underway and we're moving toward completion -- slowly perhaps, but surely. There's an old saying in the movie biz: "Cheap, fast, good. Pick two." Well, we didn't pick fast!

The other reason we haven't posted lately is because, as many of you may know from our social media posts, Alyssa and I are getting married tomorrow! Once we got through a film production, we realized we could tackle anything together. And although we're keeping the wedding small, there's still a ton to do. (Apparently we like keeping busy...)

We're still on track, though, and working to prepare many of our rewards, such as the posters and stills from the film, which depend on post-production milestones like having the colorist complete work on the picture-locked film.

We have also recruited a very talented composer to score The RiftDavid C. Hëvvitt of AFX Industrial. Give his company a look! He's scored a ton of films and TV shows, and scored TV Spots for films like, most recently, CHAPPiE and Guardians of the Galaxy. He's extremely knowledgable about our genre, and a gentleman as well!

That's the update for today. After the big wedding weekend, we're back in full force online. We have some more behind-the-scenes video for you, and more exciting news on the way. In the meantime, if you haven't seen it yet, take a gander at the exclusive first look at The Rift... right here:

I can't wait to show you more!!