Production Diary Blog - (Peer into The Rift!)

Final Shots, Score, and Onward

Greetings, Rifters!

As the winter holidays approach, we are still hard at work pushing The Rift ever closer toward completion.

First, a note about the posters. The process of designing and creating them has taken a little longer than anticipated, but I am hoping to have them printed before January. Fingers crossed. As with so many aspects of this film, we are going for quality over quantity. We will update you again about this later in December.

Last week I had a spotting session with our composer, David C. Hëvvitt of AFX Industrial, for the film's score. That's basically a meeting where we talk about the music in the film and how it progresses through various important spots in the story. David is an extremely insightful musician and really understands how to enhance the story through music. His score is really going to bring out the emotion of every scene.

On December 29th we are gathering a minimal crew to get our pickups, i.e. the last few little shots needed to complete the film. It'll be a short filming day, probably half a day or less. But these little shots we couldn't get during principle photography will make a huge difference in the final film.

After the new footage is cut in, David can complete the score and we have a little extra work to do on the sound of the film overall. Meanwhile we will have someone working on the visual effects. Then our colorist will finish things off to refine the look. (Once our colorist has worked his magic, we will be able to send out the various stills from the film and such.)

While we're working on this, I hope you are all enjoying the holiday season. As promised, here is the next installment of our behind-the-scenes videos for your viewing pleasure. Many super duper thanks and kudos to Karyn Laudisi, who not only worked as a PA on set but took numerous behind-the-scenes photos, and made all of these great BTS videos for us. She's a real gem.

Please bear with us as we make our way steadily toward completion of the film and therefore all our remaining rewards that depend on that. It's only because of you that we have been able to make this film. In many ways it is exceeding our expectations, and we want to make sure we take the requisite time so it's something we can all be proud of.

As always, we welcome any questions you might have.

Happy holiday season!!

~Jess & Alyssa K.