Production Diary Blog - (Peer into The Rift!)

Pickups and Posters

Greetings once again, Rifters!

We hope everyone has had a great Halloween, and had some fun (and maybe candy) over the holiday weekend.

It's been a while since our last update, but we want to let you know the status of the film. We've been working with our editor and have a cut we're happy with. In fact, we're not just happy with it -- we love it!! Post-production has been a fun (although sometimes very tedious) process, but when you finally see that movie come alive on screen it's all worthwhile.

In the course of editing, however, we discovered that we need to get a few "pickups." That's filmmaking lingo for little shots we weren't able to get during principal photography, but which it turns out are critical to the film. You could call it "cinematic connective tissue." Sometimes in the editing room you find pieces that turned out better than you imagined, while other times you realize you need a little extra piece of the puzzle to complete the picture. For The Rift, we had a little of both. Having saved our pennies, it looks like we'll be setting aside a portion of one day in December to put together a minimal team and turn on the camera one more time.

We hoped to finish the film in time for a Fall premiere this year, but ultimately we decided it's better to make everything the best we can first, even if that means taking a few extra months to put together another half-day of production.

In the meantime, we have an artist here in Los Angeles working on our limited edition poster! Everyone who backed us at the limited edition poster level and above will be getting one of those delivered as soon as the artist finishes and we can pop them in the mail. I'll be posting a more accurate delivery date here in the very near future.

In the next post, we'll have another behind-the-scenes video for you as well.

More soon!

~Jess & Alyssa K.