[The Rift & Kickstarter]

The Rift on Kickstarter

On October 13th, 2014, we launched a Kickstarter campaign to raise the rest of the funds we needed to produce The Rift. We put the fate of our little film in the public's hands, and the public responded.

With your help, we raised $5,368! After Kickstarter and Amazon took their cut, and setting aside about 10% for reward fulfillment, we still have over four thousand dollars left for production. To all of our supporters, we can never thank you enough. Everyone listed below supported us, and has our eternal gratitude. Plus, they're all super-cool because they were integral to making this great short film happen.


Our Supporters

Robert Gorman

Bill Kreusler

5th Passenger

Joan E. Sattler

Sandra Jones

Laura Kreusler

Karyn Laudisi

Chane George

Jacob Donahue

Paul Hickman

Brad Ruwe

Matthew D. Hunt

Jose Rivadulla-Rey

Ted Sikora

Allan & Janet Tietz

Kylan Sattler

Nicole Ruby

Kathleen Green

Matthew Sidney Long

Dellany Peace

Chad W.

Dave Luce

Deanna Peace

Kimberly Spores

Jamye Graham

Barb Tomlin

Jena Fiamingo